Actress Tonto Dikeh has given an expression of guidance to women as she paraded three new iPhone 11 gadgets which she simply procured.

Sharing an image of the iPhone 11 gadgets on Instagram, Tonto Dikeh uncovered that she got one for herself, one for her father and the third one for a mysterious individual.

She stated: “Guaranteed Daddy he gonno be the first man in quite a while town to utilize iPhone 11…

One for me, One for Dad,GUESS who the Last one is for??”.

She at that point shared a video demonstrating her playing with her very own iPhone 11.

In the video, she stated: “Very’s nothing uncommon about this telephone. Try not to hustle, don’t lay down with hundred men to get this telephone”.

She included: “I pledge to God, I just got it with my very own cash. It’s not all that much”.

She wrote in the inscription to the video:-

“E no pass call and text ooo..
No wound yaself mu sisters…
Take it easy on your p*ssy!!!”


Tonto Dikeh Advises Ladies On Sleeping Men

Tonto Dikeh Advises Ladies On Sleeping Men1


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