The Economic and financial Crimes Commission (EFCC) has inactive Edoboryi Osaruese Leerees, 23-year-old, a pretend Jumia agent in African country town, Edo State.

Leerees was inactive following a petition by a girl United Nations agency claimed to own paid him over a meg Nigerian monetary unit ( N1,000,000) for the availability of products that she and her friends ordered from his page on-line however ne’er got the things.

According to the woman, Leerees sent her a message on WhatsApp ANd told her he was an agent of Jumia and pleaded together with her to assist him market his product that were on sales at four-hundredth discount.
When the woman saw however enticing the costs were, she and her 2 friends attributable the suspect’s accounts with N1,000,000 and waited for the delivery of their merchandise.

However, days pass on and therefore the merchandise weren’t forthcoming, she then visited Jumia workplace to create AN inquiry and discovered that Leerees wasn’t an agent.

She petitioned the EFCC once he refused to refund her cash.

Leerees modules Operandi was to use his social media platforms as AN agent of Jumia to advertise merchandise that are supposedly on promo at cheaper costs.

This makes unsuspecting customers to send cash into his account for merchandise that he ne’er delivered.

Investigations unconcealed that Leerees is an online fraud suspect United Nations agency has defrauded many folks, together with foreign nationals victimization the names, Vin Diesel and Mark Sinclair, AN yank.

EFCC aforementioned the suspect has created a helpful statement and would be modified to court before long.


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