Top 5 Ways Nigerian Students Should Not Make Money

Top 5 Ways Nigerian Students Should Not Make Money
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Top ways Students shouldn’t make money

Top ways Students shouldn’t make money
Students are humans like us too,they need money as much their parents do,for several reasons.They have needs too.Here i will belisting somethings students shouldn’t do to make money.Just stay cool and read

5.Election Rigging
Some wicked politicians in their devilish minds will think of ways to clinge on to powers and arrive at a conclusion to make use of students to rig elections .this is common in tertiary institutions across Nigeria.Please don’t rig election for any politician,Hes not worth your time,if he was a good leader he wouldn’t need you.I do advice students in tertiary institutions to not risk their life for peanuts from one politician,because election excerises can turn violent and lead to deaths of many innocent souls dead.

4. Ponzi schemes
Why you shouldn’t invest in ponzi schemes as a student is that it creates a greedy nature in you.It all boils down to greed.For example, You start with little money and before you know it, you are investing thousands because you want more money.You lose focus of other important things.Your parents send you money to feed,pay schoolfees and buy materials you need for your stay in school but because you want to be a big boy get all the fresh girls,dress nice and look fresher than your mates,you invest in Ponzi schemes.

The bloody Truth about Ponzi schemes is that they always crash because it is founded on a system of greed and nothing more.Greed is the father and Mother of all ponzi schemes.All ponzi schemes be it MMM etc all make use of your greedy nature.Earlier this year.The media was awash with stories of mmm and how millions of nigerians lost their money including students,some students even commited suicide due to the fact they borrowed money to play ponzi schemes and eventually crashed.Ponzi schemes can make you do things you dont want to do ,like scamming your friends just to get money to play.


3.Exam Impersonations

Exam impersonations such as writing exams for un serious people in order to get money.This is a very wrong thing to do,By doing this you are indirectly creating a society that doesn’t value hard-work and intelligence.Education is the strongest tool,A nation that doesn’t value it is destined for doom.Every great nation has a powerful education sector if you doubt do the research yourselves.


So many students in Nigerian Universities have been led to believe betting and gambling is a great way to make money while in school.They do not think of the consequences involve in betting be it sports betting or games betting.Gambling makes one addictive unable to think of other source of making money because it creates a belief mentality in the mind of its victim,rendering one very useless making one forget his main purpose in school;which is to learn.

A year ago, a friend of mine lost a large portion of his hard earned money to betting,he was hoping to cash out.But unfortunately he cashed-off.Despite losing money at fisrt trial,he played again hoping to cash out;he failed again.He kept on playing till he got his senses back and he needed no one to tell him to leave.

1.Online Scams

Online scams in Nigeria popularly known as yahoo-yahoo,is something that slows slows down the thinking faculty of a student.I had a friend who was into yahoo-yahoo,the only thing he could think off was how to scam white women online and nothing more,not even his books or dreams.If his clients or maga hasnt paid him,he becomes restless,sad and confused.
Online scams are bad too because it gives your country a very bad name,for example go on fiver and several online Job sites you would notice that most people hardly give Nigerian Jobs due to the bad image this scammers have given us.

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