An interview with Up and Rising Musical Artiste “This is the Boy” Also known as Kekez Carter

An interview with Up and Rising Musical Artiste “This is the Boy” Also known as Kekez Carter

Today on Michael Carter’s Blog we are going to be having an interview with a very young talented artiste, he is called Tha South Boy by fans and also known as Sai Baba by many…. I think with this you already know who am talking about, he is no other person than tha boy from the South Kekez Carter.

I will be asking him questions and he will answer them.


  1. Can we know you sir?

My Name is OgheneRukewe Gabriel paul.


  1. What state are you from?

Am from delta state.


  1. Now I see why they call you Tha South Boy…. Do you think your songs is only for the South?

No. I don’t think so because my songs is for everybody… the North, East, West and South loves my Songs.

  1. What about Tha Brand “Kekez Carter”?

First of all the name Kekez was given to me by my grandpa when I was little, so it became a household thing cause everyone stopped calling me Rukewe and started calling me Kekez… Its funny cause when I was looking for a stage name and I came up with “Kida Kez” then changed it a year later to Kekez Carter after a lot of thoughts and I wanted a name people could relate to and a name that will speak for itself and my kind of music.


  1. What inspired your song leaving an impact on Eternity?

Yo LIFE mehn I would say God, things and the positive people around me.


  1. What’s your relationship Status?

Single, Music is my love…. Lol.



  1. How the song Sai Baba did came about?

Sincerely, it was not even supposed to come out due to some reasons but it just happened and the people love the song so much.


  1. Still on Sai Baba, what lines or dope words do you think are the fans favorite lines?

Laff, I don’t really know, but I think it would be ‘No hook na the money I dey look’ or ‘You know am Carter, came from the gutter, m I no be butter werey with bata’.


  1. Hmm….Interesting, after your hit single “Sai Baba” you went a little bit off the music scene, what really happened?

Yeah, Sai Baba was officially out July 16, 2016 that was the day I was leaving secondary school, yeah after I dropped it, I promoted it for a long while, made some moves and also went outside Lagos cause of the song, it really changed everything about brand and my fan base kept growing, but I went off the mainstream because of some personal issues but then I came back I released another song titled Back Then, March 12th last year…. I being off the music scene its cause of some personal and disturbing issues am dealing with.

  1. Alright, tell us about your new single?

Smiles, my new single which is titled This is the Boy (TITB) is something really different from what I do but its unique… you all don’t know what’s coming, I don’t really want to spill much juice but it’s my first body of work that am having another artist on and this guy is really amazing and talented AF… I’m also working with two wonderful producers that I have known for a long while now.

There is also a guest vocals on the song and it’s scheduled to drop on the 10th of March, it’s a mad comeback to the scene after a long while, let everyone that the South Boy is back. But before I forget am actually telling u guys my story on this song, I want to say a big South shout to everyone on this project and also everyone that is supporting it.


  1. We are really anticipating it, what next for Kekez Carter?

A lot of things this year that we are going to be unveiling as time goes…. After TITB I will still be working hard and non-stop to give you guys the best… I might put a birthday freestyle song after TITB… but I tell you I believe it’s big things this year…we have the extended playlist which I will be working on, we have the fashion side also…there is a lot on the way, let’s just anticipate them.


  1. Great, it was nice talking to you

Thank you very much for your time


  1. We hope to hear more from you!!

I will always keep u guys updated follow my social media pages for more info:

Instagram: @kekezcarter

Twitter: @kekezcarter

 Facebook: @kekez carter




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